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Friday, January 15, 2010

SONY ERICSSON W902, More Than Just A Walkman Handphones

Completed by Newest Music Features and 5 MP Camera.


Sony Ericsson made in classic type, namely candybar same as other type of other products of Sony Ericsson. With slim body and circling in each side. No impressive on materials choice. But little great accent on backside because symetrical type, between camera and loudspeaker side. Place out of additional buttons only on one side. Rightside there were Multimedia Buttons, such as; Multimedia (play, next, prev), volume and camera. Leaving data cable port on otherside.

There was other button on other side, that's Walkman which was placed above of handphone. This button was functioned for speed playing on music player without enter the menu first. Also able to access to Shake Control menu with accelerometer technology.

Sony Ericsson W902 had disturbing D-Pad, because middle Pad and OK button made in smooth materials.


Sony Ericsson W902 was no Symbian type, neither Windows Mobile or other OS specifics. But it had a great one and had new interface, supported by TFT 262.144 colours screen. With QVGA resolution and 2,2 inches diagonal. Presented Black Sprite effect, also able to increase display quality although colour dominan were good special colour of Media and Walkman Features.

Top Features

Walkman Music Player and Media Features.
This gadget brought Walkman Music Player full version 3.0 with amount of additional functions. Beside able to browse artists, albums, tracks and playlists folders, also able to find SenseMe Feature, Genre folder, Year, Audio Books and Podcast.
SenseMe was feature as music file feature, which music file that we had divide into 4 big groups, namely fast, slow (tempo basically), sad, happy (beat basically). Able to add and edit manually like playlist. Even, able to found correct music on any situation.
Genre and Year were new folder, divide music files from genre and year when it launched, related belong t ID3 informations.
Shake Control functioned with push Walkman button and then shacking handphone to the right, left, front and behind for changing tracks and volume settings.
Voice output only was supported by a speaker, no good for listening via direct handphone internal speaker. So then, Sony Ericsson W902 brought good quality headset. Unfortunately, no port 3,5 mm in this handphones. But, lucky, there was extension cable being prepared in.
Music feature could be accessed via Walkman menu or push Walkman button on above of handphones or from Media Menu. Habitually, able to find folder filled with videos, photoes, games and web feed.

Internal Memory was not too big, only 25 MB capacity.
Sony Ericsson W902 had prepared M2 slot for 8 GB at selling packages. Able to fill songs with MP3 or M4A (AAC) formats as many as did we wanted, also videos files with MPEG4 format and photoes.


Sony Ericsson W902 brought 5 MP camera which same as Cyber-Shot camera's quality. Autofocus, Best Pic, Image Stabilizer, WB, until Geo-tag being supported features of this gadget. Unfortunately, no GPS receiver in it.
So, for sticking geo-tag for photoes, had to have external receiver or accessing data from rounding BTS (Base Transceiver Station).
Photoes look good but rather good indoor, because standard flashlight supported in. No better than xenon, its used LED technology, could give more bright photoes. Able to recording a video with QVGA resolution and 30 fps speed.
Fortunately, Sony Ericsson W902 had editor feature in it so able for editing photoes or videos in handphones, with any other devices. This features were namely as PhotoDJ and VideoDJ, formed on entertainment menu (included many great features in it).

HSDPA and Browser

Music Player of W902 also had network technology. So then, able to use for calling and also accessing the internet rapidly. Because of HSDPA, rapid data access able to up to 3,6 mbps speed. Many things that we could did with this bandwidth. Especially, on video call services and blogsites accessing. Photoes upload or musics download also did well.
For internet accessing, Sony Ericsson W902 had prepared speciall browser namely as Netfront Access Browser which able to show web and wap well.


Sony Ericsson W902's data port still used in one canal for data, power charging and audio. Foto data transferring, all of profiles had prepared for connecting all of devices without need to install first. If we would to get W902 as a modem, we need to install PC Suite for PC connecting. If we sent musics files from digital music player to PC, we choosed Media Transfer, but if we only sent a file, we choose mass storage profile. With Mass Storage profiles all of directories of W902 will be opened, on internal memory of handphones eventhough M2, it would helped when we print the photoes or move big size file from camera shot. Unfortunately, when Mass Storage were activated, handphones had to turn off for a while.
As an alternative, we able to use bluetooth, completed with A2DP feature as facility for listening wireless musics. More than that, bluetooth could sent music files from one device to other device. We could shared any video files and musics or photoes with friends no problem at all.


Many of features so need much of energy. Sony Ericsson W902 need good and big capacity of battery. So, W902 was injected by lithium polymer BST-38, 930 mAh capacity to support it. No GPS was logically, but HSDPA, Camera and music player make it difficult to take a long life. Fortunatelly, Sony Ericsson W902 had smart power managements. In one charging able to give about 2 days long life but it's not optimal because HSDPA and music player using long and longer would decrease of its power.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

SAMSUNG GT-E1160, Gave FM Radio with Strong Loudspeaker Plus Mobile Tracker

SAMSUNG GT-E1160 cost was $ 45,69 USD


Samsung GT-E1160 moved on candybar concepts like entry level handphones generally.
Simple design structures withd curve black cover for easy holdhands. Had impressive colour on red and black on one combination.

Keypad structure mad in rubber materials with anti-dust interface and no hold among each of buttons. Had a big type of buttons and comfortable on typing.
Samsung GT-E1160 presented low and interface with structure and grid mode icons and no animations effects. For submenu, only presented on list icon. Structurally, beginner users friendly and comfortably.


In this sector, GT-E1160 only presented FM Radio choice. Impressively, this feature was completed by internal antenna, so no headset required. Radio wave was easy searching on it.
There was two loudspeakers injected on it at backbody. Also, FM radio was completed by reminder and automatically turn on if we set like alarms.


No data transfer facility on this gadget, so no hope internet browsing or accessing Facebook.

Application and Installation

Samsung GT-E1160 only prepared Memo, Calculator, Converter, Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm and Calendar. But, there was impressively in it, because presented maximum securities features. Actually, Privacy Lock and function for secure Call Log Data, Phonebook, Message and Memo, sure be typed password on it.
Also, there was Mobile Tracker we able to know about new number information if this handphones was gone. Appear on SMS sending to first user and sure be typed password on it.

GT-E1160 also prepared 'SOS Messages' using speed dials metode setting. So, click on certain button and send to another user for re-call. important using on urgent conditions. It also had Torch Light for low light or dark room.


Only had internal memory and no external one supported on. Able to save history calls, 20 dialled calls, 20 received calls and 20 missed calls, included on 1000 phonebook entries. But, Samsung GT-E1160 had strong power supply with lithium-ion battery on 1000 mAh capacity able to be used handphones for 4 days long life on once charging.

Friday, January 8, 2010

HT MOBILE G18 vs K-TOUCH H888, Duel of Local Qwerty

Price of HT Mobile G18 = $ 88,71 USD
Price of K-TOUCH H888 = $ 91,39 USD


K-TOUCH H888 presented in candybar mode with hard plastics material. Black glossy effect covered of frontside plus plastics rounding in chrome colour arround the handphone's body.
HT Mobile G18 had a tiny and stream body, with prepared several kind of casing. Its casings ere in good quality, glossy plastic combination also bone colour on metal material rounding of its sidebody.

HT Mobile G18's D-Pad was completed by jogball or trackball which functionally on travelling handphone menus. Unfortunately, often having trouble on this section. Qwerty keypad was small because its body was small, too. With hard plastics material, while typing make trouble on push each buttons.

Interface, K-Touch H888 had TFT 65.536 colours (QCIF) screen, 0n, 2.2 inches diagonal wide.
HT Mobile G18 had 262.144 colours with 220x176 pixels, 2 inches TFT screen. It was completed by icon for changing wallpaper, music, picture.


Both of them injected by VGA Camera. HT Mobile G18 digital camera with flashlight and K-Touch H888 had no one. Settings of this feature were low end handphones style commonly. Outdoor photoes were good quality on HT Mobile G18 but disturbed with noise, even indoor. Also had video record facility with standard quality.
Audio Player also injected on these gadgets. K-Touch H888's audio player better than the other with 3.5 mm, compatible with headset of third parties. So, music function via headset make better sound quality.

K-Touch H888 also injected by special loudspeaker in backside. On HT Mobile G18 also injected one but no better than K-Touch. Fortunatelly, it was helped with good quality of headset.

Beside that, FM radio was second entertainment of these gadgets, function for listening broadcasts, radio able to listen without headset injected in.


HT Mobile G18 and K-Touch H888 was injected by GPRS data path and better ability on social networking sites browsing on easy setting on every operator services.
K-Touch H888 prepared amount of Facebook clients, Friendster, MySpace and Twitter, included chatting applications (MSN, Yahoo, Google) until Lite Browser slot. While on HT Mobile G18 only had eBuddy, Facebook client and Opera Mini applications. For data transferring (files, pictures, videos) no problem in it.

Application and Installation

Generally, both of handphoes had same features, from multimedia up to ebook reader. Related of Java technology, had limited compatible applications, also no big capacity on internal memory.
On the other side, for data saving, these had MicroSD external memory.


These gadgets were injected by GSM dual slots which able to activate together. Also set on single, one SIMcard on and other was off. Dual slots of GSM on HT Mobile and K-Touch supported by separated call button on keypad.
HT Mobile prepared battery on 1000-1800 mAh capacity, lower than K-Touch belongs to, which 1100 mAh capacity. So, K-Touch had better long life duration then its rivals.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Competing Cheap CDMA Handphones which were given Facebook Application and Modem Abilities.

Nexian NX982 = $ 34,30 USD
Samsung SCH-B189 = $ 45,69 USD
ZTE C261 = $ 43,01 USD


For entry level segment, the vendors were brave for giving candybar consept. Simply other, truely able to discount product budget. That's true, the third vendor gave the same on characters, candybar and using friendly.
From physic posture, Nexian NX982 had a smaller than the others. Second position of their small posture was Samsung SCH-B189 and the next was ZTE C261. As a bundling handphones, automatically, Nexian and ZTE brought operator icon, logo was marked on backcover.

Nexian was a smaller one than the others also was packed on variation of material which could scratch simply.
Keypad structure and composition, Nexian NX-982 was made with rare buttons, square button with rotund angle was pop up, made in combination between plastics and rubbers felt on push little soft.
Nexian NX-982 had confuse D-Pad, for beginner users would confuse on getting where was call button and softkey menu. Because, this buttons no special sign in it.
For Samsung SCH-B189 & ZTE C261, keypad's texture more tightly than Nexian NX982. But, easily on choosing type character of messages.
LCD, the three vendors injected with same type of LCD, with 65.536 colours emission. Only, ZTE's screen diagonal wider than the others. Beside that, maximum screen settings in ZTE C261 being more pure and bright than the others.
Interface topics, they gave low end generation special mode with standard graphics icon, no animation and flash effects.


About connection, Nexian and Samsung booked on CDMA 800 MHz technology. While, ZTE on the CDMA 1900 MHz road. An impressive thing as ZTE C261's network already supported CDMA 1x which was probably on being internet modem.
Online ability, only Nexian and ZTE had it. Impressively, ZTE C261 was injected by standard WAP browser and Opera Mini for alternative Internet browsing. As connection media, Nexian and ZTE prepared mini USB port. Especially on Nexian, function of miniUSB port was belong as power charging and modem.
It was related on supporting BREW was being as bridge for need it. Unfortunately, no able to use file transferring and Mass Storage like ZTE, which had both of function of its. On Samsung SCH-B189's mini USB port only for power charging.

Modem abilities, ZTE brought driver modem plus step by step installation guide. But, all of performances, data which being could accessed still standard. That's true, modem platform was CDMA 1x supported only, Ev-Do no yet.

Application and Installation

Many more operator service on Bundling program which to do Nexian-Esia and ZTE-Smart we could find My Esia Menus which mini link to BREW download, such as; musics, games, ringtones, wallpapers, Esia Promo also RSS news of which affiliate company of Bakrie Telekom Group, as Esia Brand shareholders.

Meanwhile, ZTE gave Smart Access filled with excellent Smart service also several of link to mini portal for getting other interesting contents.
How about Samsung SCH-B189? This gadget only prepared standard application of Low End CDMA, such as; Privacy Lock (Call logs, Phonebooks, Messages, MyFiles, Calendar, Memo), Mobile Tracker, Block Message (10 numbers). All of these were functioned for handphones data securities. On Nexian, only SMS Lock, Contact Lock and Recent Call Lock, completed by password for maximum security.
Related to bundling promotion, Nexian NX982 was injected by special facebook application, although on standard interface, but more interactive then mobile mode (


For them, were injected by R-UIM SIMcard slot, automatically, users easily injecting another SIMcard. Only, Samsung B189 more free. Meanwhile, Nexian and ZTE gave bundling program which automatic card slot, namely 'Locked'. No big memory capacities at all in these, but ZTE C261 prepared micro SD slot for multimedia abilities. About power charging, they used lithium-ion batteries, Nexian had 760 mAh, Samsung had 800 mAh and ZTE had 1000 mAh capacity.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NEXIAN NX-G522 vs IMO B369

Competing on Cheapest Online with Qwerty Keyboard

Official price of Nexian G522 was $64.40 USD, then IMO's was $59.03 USD. It was different thin price of both.


Both of this handphones was Qwerty handphones Dual On GSM-GSM with the same dimension. Included supporting with one and two call buttons as Dual GSM device standard.

The same as on materials. Striking difference was on colouring, which IMO choosen dark an so Nexian use yellow and red one. remainder on design and interface were directed on connector completeness.
Nexian G522 was belong to low bolt of memory with combine all of connection functions only one mini USB. But, IMO had little different, connection functions was separated, such as Mini USB connector (small Nokia) and audio connector 2,5 mm (old Nokia standard), it was placed well, covered by rubber materials. On backside of handphones, B369 placed camera plus mirror near speaker, but Nexian G522 no mirror.

Screen, Nexian's had a wider screen than IMO's one. But IMO B369 placed 5 interesting icons as shortcuts on screen desktop, while Nexian G522 only placed 3 shortcut.


IMO B369 and Nexian G522 had the same on complete multimedia features with audio player in the same type.

Ability of headset, IMO B369 had headset which better quality then Nexian G522, in 2,5 mm port for IMO and mini USB port for Nexian.

For video player, had same compatibility on quality, injected with radio FM which 9 broadcasts channels saved automatically. Only, Nexian G22 better than IMO B369 because had recorder radio feature.
Because of those price were low, both of handphones prepared standard feature and ability camera. Nexian G22 prepared camera 640x480 pixels resolution, while IMO B369 prepared 352x288 pixels one.


IMO B369 had bluetooth device than Nexian G522 had no one. With supporting profile on mono audio for phone calls and wireless data transfer.
Standard connectivity of Nexian G522 used mini USB which into one with charger package.
Ha the same on GPRS internet features.

Application and Installation

For additional applications, same on injection applications, such as; calendar, work lists, alarms, world clocks, calculator, currency converter and ebook reader. But, IMO B369 added with stopwatch application.

No Java device of both, but prepared special shortcut for sosial network and chatting.
IMO B369 prepared shortcut to Facebook and Yahoo Messenger, while Nexian G522 prepared alternative shortcut to Friendster, MSN,, and Yahoo Messenger. On alternative entertainment was a default simple game.


IMO B369 used lithium ion 800 mAh batteries, while Nexian G522 used the same type on 1000 mAh one.
For storage media, both of them used MicroSD/T-Flash 2 GB maximum capacity.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Qwerty Slider on Tiny Nokia Handphones with A Big Keyboard, Comfort on Messaging.


Nokia 6760 Slider was cost on $314,5 USD, not only preparing on qwerty keyboard and online feature as office handphones, the same as E-series, but featured by fresh designs.
Existence of Symbian S60 3rd edition was primary reason of equal with Nokia E-Series. At flashview, Nokia 6760 Slider was a media player with shortcuts keypad stand on sideseeing with face on Nokia Logo. When slider opening, screen display change orientation display to landscape one. Its appeared perfectly on it.
Nokia 6760 Slider was not touch screen featured in it with alphanumeric keypads was on above of handphone.

Although, it was a kind of tiny Nokia, 38 qwerty keyboards was proportionally and comfortably. If we would to control directions we still need d-pad which put on rightside of the screen. About 5cm from right keyboard.

Symbian S60 3rd edition was effected on handphone screen display completely. That mean this OS Symbian still user friendly.

There were 3 shortcuts keypad lining on leftside of d-pad, two own keys and a menu keypads. First Ownkey function was acted to features browser and second ownkey was functioned for open messaging feature.

Uniquely, there was an accelerometer for changing screen orientation, turning ringtones off and turning off the alarm sound if we positioned the handphone with lying flat.


Primary feature was messaging with data road on 3G standard and HSDPA with 3,6 mbps acceleration.
On messaging, Nokia 6760 Slider had newest feature on push mail without additional fee charge except data access (GPRS/3G/HSDPA). We able to register 10 email accounts on this gadget with famous domain such as; Yahoo, Google, Hotmail etc.


Primary feature was Messaging on it but still brought amount of great feature on multimedia. There was on Symbian standard music player, Real Player and Newest version Flash Lite.

No Special think on Camera because it was no completed by autofocus and professional camera's settings with low flashlight capability. Finally, 3,2 MegaPixels on it was standard with video recording on 15 fps framerate and QVGA resolution.

Beside of Camera, we could enjoy music player with audio format such as; AAC, AAC+ v1, AAC+ v2, AMR-WB, WAV, WMA 9 and RealAudio10. Unfortunately, searching of music files was no smart so it will mix between musics and ringtones files.

About id3 tag support, 6760 slider was a great one. With completely informations such as; song title, artists, album untill art album.

On the other side, this handphones was completed by Symbian 260 standard video player, namely RealVideo with great capability. Several format were support in it, such as; H.264, H.263, RealVideo10, WMV 9 and MPEG4.

Applications and Installations

Nokia 6760 Slider was user friendly with comfortably on typing use qwerty keyboard.
Supply document management feature such as QuickOffice, but unfortunately it was on incompletely license. That meaning, this application only for open document without editing in it. Fortunately, there was full function on Adobe PDF reader.

Beside that, Nokia 6760 Slider was supplied by chatting facility such as MSN Live Messenger made in Microsoft. We can registered email account on basic of, and As well as we can using message reader to read inbox folder SMS.

Other feature was GPS receiver internal which was combined by Nokia Map.


Nokia 6760 Slider was injected by 120 MB Internal Memory, 128 MB RAM and microSD slot up to 8 GB. Battery was supplied by Lithium Polymer 1500 mAh with a great endurance.

Monday, January 4, 2010



ODIN was producted with no different as Storm 9500, with cost $580,64 USD on distributor price.
Touch screen capacitive and sure-press controls, but different feature at display.
With luxury glossy material at front side was effectively, adding with important keypad on under screen, such as; calls, BlackBerry, Back and End Call keypads.
Injected by new BlackBerry OS on version (platform Positively, changing on display and battery capability with small windows display better than the olders and menus access rapidly.

Office and Connectivity

BlackBerry gadget capabilities for email account services was one of credit value than the others. We can enjoy quick email feature on this ODIN. Even, ODIN was injected by two highspeed datas road, via HSDPA network, able to enjoy acceleratio up to 7,2 mbps and other alternative on CDMA EV-DO RevA network with 3,6 mbps acceleration.

On BlackBerry Tour, CDMA number was injection one but GSMA still use SIMcard. Unfortunately, for document applications, like habitual action of other BlackBerry, ODIN prepare To Go Document only as trial version. With this version, we can open document files only without editing action. Even, no capability on open PDF documents. In this case, we can activate it if we buy premium version of To Go, no free charge.

Also injected by OS 5, interest, SMS display will appear like chatting. Be warn, while pressing Enter Pad, because it will send SMS to aim number.
If make a new paragraph, use Shift = Enter combination key.
While ODIN connecting on other device, there was data cable, bluetooth and WiFi. Especially for WiFi, it was a great progress with good streaming feature capability.


Wide screen on it with touch screen featured, was interesting capability while photoes browsing, watching videos or sites browsing.

a. Camera

This gadget prepared by good camera specified with 3,2 megapixels resolution completed by autofocus, flashlight, image stabilizer and amount of professional setting.

b. Music Player

BlackBerry 9550 Storm 2 ODIN able to execute music file with MP3, WMA and AAC+ formats. Mean that, no problem in this facilities and amount of files could executed well. But, no good on m4a format with aac iTunes convertion. Although, BlackBerry was a business handphones, its music player was a great device, completed by ID3 tag display capability. Speakers were placed on up and bottom corner of the handphone.

c. Video Player

ODIN able to execute MPEG4 H.263, MPEG Part 2 Simple Profile, H.264 and WMV only. No Divx supported on this gadget.

Applications and Installations

ODIN brought multifunction operating system that easy to find on marketplace. Important applications on this package were messenger and GPS (MAP). The third free applications provider were downloadable via BlackBerry Apps Store.
ODIN's GPS able to work on A-GPS or sattelite provider.


Additional features of ODIN were a big external memory capacity on 2 GB with 256 MB flash memory.
ODIN was injected by lithium-ion 1400 mAh battery with capability on WiFi feature.