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Sunday, December 27, 2009



Nokia 6155 CDMA had 2,49 cm thickness, it was no thin, but not too thick, so nice in holdhands. With squarebody and silver "armour", combine with external retracable antenna make it elegant looking.
Comfort texture on alphabet / numeric soft keypad and big one. 4 directions navi-pad, friendly users while typing and accessing features.


Its screen injected on double model with TFT 262.144 colours, 3,6x2,8 cm width and 128x160 pixels resolution. Expression not so solid although pure and bright looking. Meanwhile, on 96x65 pixels, outside only STN screen with 65.536 colours depth.
Good looking just for appear caller ID, clock, signal indicator, battery and wallpaper icons.


This CDMA dualband (800/1900 MHz) menu screen same as other Nokia 40 series. Main menu scape able appear on grid or list, with good and animative icons.


In official site known that Nokia 6155 prepared SMS and MMS features, but actually, only SMS on it able to add a simple picture, so the same as EMS.

Beside 40 channels polyphonic sounds, Nokia 6155 able to show videoclip as received calls ringtones. Video record also able to be screensaver beside of truetone music format as mp3, aac and wav.


Other ability of this beauty clamshell was 1 megapixel camera. It was a highest camera resolution had ever been on Indonesia. It had 1152x864 pixels camera resolution, completed with flashlight, night mode, self timer shot, image sequence, zoom and photoes and videos quality setting.

Camera had high default brightness. Looked from photoes that shot at outdoor. Beside that, it effectively when use on low light indoor. Then, the photoes more bright with fix colour saturation and contrasts. It had viewfinder to shot ownshelf photoes.
Good in recording video with 3gp, duration depend on mobile memorycard.


Nokia 6155 prepared media player and radio FM as entertainment features. Media player able to song audio-video mp3, aac, midi, wav, amr and 3gp formats.
Minus, had equalizer but no good quality on bass and treble.
Song heard better if use headset in selling package.


Only had internal memory on 14,61 MB (shared) without external slot one. So, had limited collection files.


Nokia 6155 used VMJ190V0400nep software, with MIDP 2.0, able full of tests, but if use SPMark Java06, software was malfunction.
Injected with 3 simple games, such as; Backgammon II, Club Pinball and Phantom Spider. Featured by downloadable games via internet or PC Suite.

Internet and Connectivity

Injected with infrared and USB Only. Abled to transfer photoes to PC via adapter infrared MAG20. If use USB (DKU-2) data cable, recquired to install cable driver to PC first.


Nokia 6155 supplied by lithium-ion 1070 mAh battery, with 2 days long lifeable, once charging with using normally.


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