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Thursday, December 31, 2009

NOKIA 6280

One of Nokia handphone with 3G featured in it. Beside that, it had 3rd generation network that was UMTS/3G also GSM of course. This handphone able to accomodate every 3G service, such as video call.


Nokia 6280 had roundly body without point, 10cm length, 4,6cm width and 2,1cm thick, but it was slim for slider handphone.
Loudspeaker of Nokia 6280 placed no comfortable, placed outside of infrared port. Effectly, output sound lack of surround.
Comfortable on texture and compotition numeric keypad. No smooth also big and soft one. Minus on right softkey for clearing of typing because placed too far. effectly, no comfortabling if we type messages.


It was injected by wide screen TFT 3,5x4,5cm, 262.144 colours depth for 320x240 pixels (QVGA) resolution. So, user-interface feature display was pure and soft and so solid.
In wide and great screen, displayed 11 primary menus which was designed by attractive icons plus animations, such as; Messaging, Contacts, Log, Settings, Gallery, Media, PTT, Organiser, Apps, Web and Audio Messaging.


Nokia 6280 abled to process mp3, aac, wav, midi, amr and m4a formats as ringtone, completed 64 channels of polyphonic ringtones. Unfortunately, mp3 ringtone injection no better than default polyphonics.
An excitement think was videos with 3gp and mp4 able to use on video tone, screensavers and phonebooks personalization.


Second VGA camera on frontside use for video call. Unfortunately, no able to use for ownself photoes shot, for video call only.
Primary camera with 2 megapixels resolution, with 160x120 pixels up to 1600x1200 pixels picture.

Nokia 6280 no featured by autofocus and macro mode shot, camera effects, videos and pictures quality setting only with night mode, selftimer shot and image sequence.

Although that, it was injected by flash light and mirror that felt helping users, but had 1,5 m long distance only.

While transfering on PC, good indoor and outdoor picture, with detail picture objects. But no too sharp impression and low colour expossure, effectly, make a picture look pale.

Recording video in 640x480 pixels (VGA) resolution, but fullfiled much memory capacity if saved.


Music Player, Media Player and Radio FM.

Its music player able to play audio mp3, aac, m4a, wav and amr formats well.
Unfortunately, its loudspeaker no 3D surround. Effectly, playing on equalizer and stereo widening, no soft and hard sounds.
Better, if playing on headset in selling package.

Media Player able to play on 3gp and mp4 formats videos.

Radio FM as an alternative entertainment with standard ability, able to save up to 20 broadcasting channels.
Minus, on radio FM no automatic searching feature, so we must search and save radio frequency manually. Enough difficult, isn't it?


Nokia 6280 injected by Java MIDP 2.0 with good acceleration. With JVM (Java Virtual Machine) while gaming was great.
There were 3 default games in it, such as; Golf Tour, Rally 3D and Snake III. Beside that, downloadable java games via internet, bluetooth, infrared and USB data cable.


On selling packages, prepared external memory miniSD 64MB. Beside that, internal memory 7,2 MB (shared). This external memory able to injecte up to 2 GB capacity. Effectly, able to save much photoes/pictures, songs and datas.


Injected by lithium-ion 970 mAh but no compatible if compare with much multipurpose in its features. And once charging able to life 2 days normally.


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