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Friday, January 1, 2010


Radio FM plus Internal Antenna Recorder.


LG GB230 carried sliding design with simply consctruction, cost on $120.43 USD. With black nuance with metal list appear on frontside, while on back cover designed by tiny holes even effectly on stiffly surface. Sliding mechanism use special screw so created stabil trace.
Navi-pad structure use four directions standard mode plus excecution button on center. Around injected by call/endcall and softkey buttons. Impressively, added with speed button such as radio and camera, range from to D-Pad. Brought flat keypad structure.

LG GB230 was injected by grid and icon menus interface.
In personalization ability, LG GB230 prepared font optional colour while phone dial, theme, wallpaper and backlight settings.


truely, LG GB230 had primary appeal on radio FM entertainment. Indeed, LG GB230 was completed by internal antenna (no headset required) and able to record radio broadcast via FM recording feature, also reflected on Wireless FM of its jargon.

Unfortunately, its internal antenna was poorly in radio broadcast wave searching. Automatically, only high wave frequency could caught with this feature. For broadcast channel setting, GB230's radio supplied 'auto scan' option, while its also supplied bolt up to 50 units capacity.

LG GB230 supplied video and music player on different menu. For video, injected with MPEG4 and 3GP with standard quality, but good on setting of file organising , such as; playlist and grouping based on artist, album and genre. Unfortunately, low memory internal capacity. Must be saved on external memory.
Speaker of GB230 was standard quality, indeed, this device into one with earpiece. Fortunately, we can use carried headset for enjoying it privately.

As final entertainment facility, LG GB230 prepared camera with 2 MP resolution, but no professional feature supporting, no flashlight and autofocus. Only white balance, night mode, timer, shot mode and image quality as standard settings. So, result of photoes shot many of noise and non-focus objects. But, plus point, its camera able to use video record with 3GO format QCIF resolution on record speed 15 fps.


As such a middle to low handphones, LG GB230 also only given EDGE data network and GPRS without 3G support. But, good in internet browsing with WAP browser standard comfortably. Included, presence bookmark sites link option on keypad.

While, trying on browse facebook mobile portal (, it had rapid process, but on full site browsing, very low acceleration. For navigation, LG GB230's browser supplied pointer virtual.

Sending file use bluetooth with also capable on send audio wave wirelessly to Bluetooth headset via A2DP profile. Data cable was device connection alternative also utilized injected handphones to PC as mass storage (prepared in selling packages).

Application and Installation

Anti Theft Mobile Tracker was additional application, but no full of work as other Korean handphones. User only given phone number information which inserted via SMS. But no capable on switching off and sucking handphones from long distance.

There was "secret notes" feature to write and save private notes in it, with hidden status and protected by user password.
Ringtone Creator was imppresive additional application which function to create new ringtone by ownself. With cut audio file saved in memory (external or internal) with AMR, AAC, MP3 or WMA format. Third parties were in this feature, such as Java MIDP 2.1 which was injected in this gadget.


LG GB230 had 10 MB internal memory capacity (shared) with external memory up to 2 GB capacity, but no carried in selling packages.
Using lithium polymer which had better power than lithium ion, with 800 mAh capacity and able survive more 3 days long life.


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