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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Competing Cheap CDMA Handphones which were given Facebook Application and Modem Abilities.

Nexian NX982 = $ 34,30 USD
Samsung SCH-B189 = $ 45,69 USD
ZTE C261 = $ 43,01 USD


For entry level segment, the vendors were brave for giving candybar consept. Simply other, truely able to discount product budget. That's true, the third vendor gave the same on characters, candybar and using friendly.
From physic posture, Nexian NX982 had a smaller than the others. Second position of their small posture was Samsung SCH-B189 and the next was ZTE C261. As a bundling handphones, automatically, Nexian and ZTE brought operator icon, logo was marked on backcover.

Nexian was a smaller one than the others also was packed on variation of material which could scratch simply.
Keypad structure and composition, Nexian NX-982 was made with rare buttons, square button with rotund angle was pop up, made in combination between plastics and rubbers felt on push little soft.
Nexian NX-982 had confuse D-Pad, for beginner users would confuse on getting where was call button and softkey menu. Because, this buttons no special sign in it.
For Samsung SCH-B189 & ZTE C261, keypad's texture more tightly than Nexian NX982. But, easily on choosing type character of messages.
LCD, the three vendors injected with same type of LCD, with 65.536 colours emission. Only, ZTE's screen diagonal wider than the others. Beside that, maximum screen settings in ZTE C261 being more pure and bright than the others.
Interface topics, they gave low end generation special mode with standard graphics icon, no animation and flash effects.


About connection, Nexian and Samsung booked on CDMA 800 MHz technology. While, ZTE on the CDMA 1900 MHz road. An impressive thing as ZTE C261's network already supported CDMA 1x which was probably on being internet modem.
Online ability, only Nexian and ZTE had it. Impressively, ZTE C261 was injected by standard WAP browser and Opera Mini for alternative Internet browsing. As connection media, Nexian and ZTE prepared mini USB port. Especially on Nexian, function of miniUSB port was belong as power charging and modem.
It was related on supporting BREW was being as bridge for need it. Unfortunately, no able to use file transferring and Mass Storage like ZTE, which had both of function of its. On Samsung SCH-B189's mini USB port only for power charging.

Modem abilities, ZTE brought driver modem plus step by step installation guide. But, all of performances, data which being could accessed still standard. That's true, modem platform was CDMA 1x supported only, Ev-Do no yet.

Application and Installation

Many more operator service on Bundling program which to do Nexian-Esia and ZTE-Smart we could find My Esia Menus which mini link to BREW download, such as; musics, games, ringtones, wallpapers, Esia Promo also RSS news of which affiliate company of Bakrie Telekom Group, as Esia Brand shareholders.

Meanwhile, ZTE gave Smart Access filled with excellent Smart service also several of link to mini portal for getting other interesting contents.
How about Samsung SCH-B189? This gadget only prepared standard application of Low End CDMA, such as; Privacy Lock (Call logs, Phonebooks, Messages, MyFiles, Calendar, Memo), Mobile Tracker, Block Message (10 numbers). All of these were functioned for handphones data securities. On Nexian, only SMS Lock, Contact Lock and Recent Call Lock, completed by password for maximum security.
Related to bundling promotion, Nexian NX982 was injected by special facebook application, although on standard interface, but more interactive then mobile mode (


For them, were injected by R-UIM SIMcard slot, automatically, users easily injecting another SIMcard. Only, Samsung B189 more free. Meanwhile, Nexian and ZTE gave bundling program which automatic card slot, namely 'Locked'. No big memory capacities at all in these, but ZTE C261 prepared micro SD slot for multimedia abilities. About power charging, they used lithium-ion batteries, Nexian had 760 mAh, Samsung had 800 mAh and ZTE had 1000 mAh capacity.


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