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Monday, January 4, 2010



ODIN was producted with no different as Storm 9500, with cost $580,64 USD on distributor price.
Touch screen capacitive and sure-press controls, but different feature at display.
With luxury glossy material at front side was effectively, adding with important keypad on under screen, such as; calls, BlackBerry, Back and End Call keypads.
Injected by new BlackBerry OS on version (platform Positively, changing on display and battery capability with small windows display better than the olders and menus access rapidly.

Office and Connectivity

BlackBerry gadget capabilities for email account services was one of credit value than the others. We can enjoy quick email feature on this ODIN. Even, ODIN was injected by two highspeed datas road, via HSDPA network, able to enjoy acceleratio up to 7,2 mbps and other alternative on CDMA EV-DO RevA network with 3,6 mbps acceleration.

On BlackBerry Tour, CDMA number was injection one but GSMA still use SIMcard. Unfortunately, for document applications, like habitual action of other BlackBerry, ODIN prepare To Go Document only as trial version. With this version, we can open document files only without editing action. Even, no capability on open PDF documents. In this case, we can activate it if we buy premium version of To Go, no free charge.

Also injected by OS 5, interest, SMS display will appear like chatting. Be warn, while pressing Enter Pad, because it will send SMS to aim number.
If make a new paragraph, use Shift = Enter combination key.
While ODIN connecting on other device, there was data cable, bluetooth and WiFi. Especially for WiFi, it was a great progress with good streaming feature capability.


Wide screen on it with touch screen featured, was interesting capability while photoes browsing, watching videos or sites browsing.

a. Camera

This gadget prepared by good camera specified with 3,2 megapixels resolution completed by autofocus, flashlight, image stabilizer and amount of professional setting.

b. Music Player

BlackBerry 9550 Storm 2 ODIN able to execute music file with MP3, WMA and AAC+ formats. Mean that, no problem in this facilities and amount of files could executed well. But, no good on m4a format with aac iTunes convertion. Although, BlackBerry was a business handphones, its music player was a great device, completed by ID3 tag display capability. Speakers were placed on up and bottom corner of the handphone.

c. Video Player

ODIN able to execute MPEG4 H.263, MPEG Part 2 Simple Profile, H.264 and WMV only. No Divx supported on this gadget.

Applications and Installations

ODIN brought multifunction operating system that easy to find on marketplace. Important applications on this package were messenger and GPS (MAP). The third free applications provider were downloadable via BlackBerry Apps Store.
ODIN's GPS able to work on A-GPS or sattelite provider.


Additional features of ODIN were a big external memory capacity on 2 GB with 256 MB flash memory.
ODIN was injected by lithium-ion 1400 mAh battery with capability on WiFi feature.


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