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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Primary Features

Sony Ericsson J230i had cost $34,71 USD on second conditions.
Sony Ericsson J230i was DualBand GSM (900/1800 MHz) with injected by radio FM stereo as primary feature as no preparable on J2xx before.
Captureable of J230i's radio FM was good signal, with good loudspeaker too, but low sound on max with soft and hard stereo surround, bass and trebble felt on musics.

Radio FM injected with frequency from 88 up to 108 MHz, 10 channels broadcasting savedable.
This instrument not multitasking, but, while receiving call on inbox SMS, Radio would stop automatically.


Injected by classic candybar with 1,8cm thickness and 84,5 gr weight. This edition stocked on 3 colours option; white, blue and red with exchangeable cover, with backside loudspeaker, circle navi-pad and orange background on primary speaker.
Keypad with transparancy plastic material, supported by orange blacklight. Effected on clearly alphabet / numeric display, although at darkroom. Minus on hard keypad, no comfortably on typing.


Injected with 3,3cm width screen, STN (Super Twist Nematic) colours with 65.536 colours depth, 128x128 pixels resolution, good display on screen.


Menus able to display on grid and single icon.
Traditional colour icon non-animation representatived primary menu on screen, such as; Calls, Internet Services, Alarms, Fun and Games, Messaging, Radio, Organiser, Phonebook and Settings.


SMS, EMS and MMS already supporting in it as messaging features with easy entry characters same as Sony Ericsson other editions. Able to type up to 5 lines on one full pages. Unfortunately, there was no email feature.


Injected by background animative picture on screen. In order to no monotone display with theme facility. Also, Lines, Redberries and Rings themes.
32 polyphonic channels injected it, loud and pure as messaging ringtone, beside default message ringtone. Unique, radio broadcast able to be alarm ringtone.
Memory of Sony Ericsson J230i able to saved up to 500 phonebooks and 50 SMS's.


Beside of Radio, there was games for alternative feature, such as; Quadra Pop and Mini Golf. Unfortunately, this handphone not prepare downloadable games. Effectly, internal memory 500Kb (shared) not able to inject JBench-Mark applications.

Connection and Internet

No connection and Internet in it at all, without USB and Infrared, eventhough bluetooth.


Injected by lithium polymer which more power than the olders, which 900 mAh capacity. Effectly, once charging able to give 2,5 days long life.


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