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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Great in Business features but weak in Multimedia.


Samsung Omnia PRO B7320 had big and wide body, especially on Qwerty. Appear on highclass colour composition with glossy brown colour.
Full of Qwerty keyboard, placed almost whole of its body. Every button comfort on typing with hard plastic material. On qwerty, there was favourite features shortcut buttons such as; camera, media player, messages and internet browser.

Packing on Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard operating system with updated to Windows Mobile 6.5 standard.

Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 launched on eleven options of home screen interface. Start with pop up until widget home screen. Its start menu style was injected on grid and list style. 16 options of colour schemes with amount of wallpapers.
It was injected by LCD TFT 65 thousands colour screen on 320x240 pixels resolution, 2,4 inch width.


Its motto was "the Smart Way to Work and Play" with enough features of Multimedia, start on camera feature until Music Player.
There was Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for videoclip playing or turn on the musics. Options of music player were Library, Play/Pause, Stop, Shuffle/Repeat, Options until Properties. Backside of loudspeaker gave enough comfortably on music and sound output, loud clear voice quality, even if we use headset, we would heard bass and trebble combination optimally. Additional option, stereo Bluetooth headset via A2DP technology was in selling package. Its headset could be functioned on Radio FM feature well.

Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 was injected by camera 3,2 megapixels on backbody of its, completed with video call camera. Unfortunately, no completed by autofocus and flashlight feature. Outdoor photoes shot was optimal with good sharp and combination balance. But, at lowlight indoor, user would found disturbing noise.
Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 able to use of recording video with 320x240 pixels resolution on 12 fps, on 3gp video format.


Highspeed on internet access with was supported by 3G/HSDPA network. Beside that, also injected by WiFi as alternative internet access. It also injected by internet explorer, although this feature no good enough than use Opera Mobile or Skyfire as third parties. This handphones also was supported by pull email function which direct access to check out of emails.
Synchronization feature was injected in it with related special program such as Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately, no networking application in it, such as; Sho Zu and Facebook, only Facebook shortcut for linking in

Application and Installation

It also was injected by GPS as digital navigation facility, which was supplied by internal GPS receiver, but still use operator service via Assisted-GPS technology.
On this feature, enjoying on free Digital Maps by third parties. Also prepared Pocket Office such as; Ms. Word, Excel and PowerPoint which able to be related with PC Program. Additional point, document files able to open and edit, but no capability on open a new document, so if we write a new one able to use 'save as' option. Beside that, there eas Adobe Reader application in it.

This gadget also was supported by compatible Java MIDP 2.0 and function to install the third parties applications. That mean, we could add several mount of other applications.


Injection of 32 bit Qualcomm MSM 7201A ARM1136EJ-S processor with 528 MHz clock speed on Multitasking actions.
Supported with 100 MB internal memory, plus 256 RAM and 256 ROM also gave a great feature on it. External memory prepared on 1 GB capacity on selling package included.
Battery use on lithium on about 1480 mAh capacity with 2,5 days long life normally on once full-charge.


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