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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Qwerty Slider on Tiny Nokia Handphones with A Big Keyboard, Comfort on Messaging.


Nokia 6760 Slider was cost on $314,5 USD, not only preparing on qwerty keyboard and online feature as office handphones, the same as E-series, but featured by fresh designs.
Existence of Symbian S60 3rd edition was primary reason of equal with Nokia E-Series. At flashview, Nokia 6760 Slider was a media player with shortcuts keypad stand on sideseeing with face on Nokia Logo. When slider opening, screen display change orientation display to landscape one. Its appeared perfectly on it.
Nokia 6760 Slider was not touch screen featured in it with alphanumeric keypads was on above of handphone.

Although, it was a kind of tiny Nokia, 38 qwerty keyboards was proportionally and comfortably. If we would to control directions we still need d-pad which put on rightside of the screen. About 5cm from right keyboard.

Symbian S60 3rd edition was effected on handphone screen display completely. That mean this OS Symbian still user friendly.

There were 3 shortcuts keypad lining on leftside of d-pad, two own keys and a menu keypads. First Ownkey function was acted to features browser and second ownkey was functioned for open messaging feature.

Uniquely, there was an accelerometer for changing screen orientation, turning ringtones off and turning off the alarm sound if we positioned the handphone with lying flat.


Primary feature was messaging with data road on 3G standard and HSDPA with 3,6 mbps acceleration.
On messaging, Nokia 6760 Slider had newest feature on push mail without additional fee charge except data access (GPRS/3G/HSDPA). We able to register 10 email accounts on this gadget with famous domain such as; Yahoo, Google, Hotmail etc.


Primary feature was Messaging on it but still brought amount of great feature on multimedia. There was on Symbian standard music player, Real Player and Newest version Flash Lite.

No Special think on Camera because it was no completed by autofocus and professional camera's settings with low flashlight capability. Finally, 3,2 MegaPixels on it was standard with video recording on 15 fps framerate and QVGA resolution.

Beside of Camera, we could enjoy music player with audio format such as; AAC, AAC+ v1, AAC+ v2, AMR-WB, WAV, WMA 9 and RealAudio10. Unfortunately, searching of music files was no smart so it will mix between musics and ringtones files.

About id3 tag support, 6760 slider was a great one. With completely informations such as; song title, artists, album untill art album.

On the other side, this handphones was completed by Symbian 260 standard video player, namely RealVideo with great capability. Several format were support in it, such as; H.264, H.263, RealVideo10, WMV 9 and MPEG4.

Applications and Installations

Nokia 6760 Slider was user friendly with comfortably on typing use qwerty keyboard.
Supply document management feature such as QuickOffice, but unfortunately it was on incompletely license. That meaning, this application only for open document without editing in it. Fortunately, there was full function on Adobe PDF reader.

Beside that, Nokia 6760 Slider was supplied by chatting facility such as MSN Live Messenger made in Microsoft. We can registered email account on basic of, and As well as we can using message reader to read inbox folder SMS.

Other feature was GPS receiver internal which was combined by Nokia Map.


Nokia 6760 Slider was injected by 120 MB Internal Memory, 128 MB RAM and microSD slot up to 8 GB. Battery was supplied by Lithium Polymer 1500 mAh with a great endurance.


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