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Friday, January 8, 2010

HT MOBILE G18 vs K-TOUCH H888, Duel of Local Qwerty

Price of HT Mobile G18 = $ 88,71 USD
Price of K-TOUCH H888 = $ 91,39 USD


K-TOUCH H888 presented in candybar mode with hard plastics material. Black glossy effect covered of frontside plus plastics rounding in chrome colour arround the handphone's body.
HT Mobile G18 had a tiny and stream body, with prepared several kind of casing. Its casings ere in good quality, glossy plastic combination also bone colour on metal material rounding of its sidebody.

HT Mobile G18's D-Pad was completed by jogball or trackball which functionally on travelling handphone menus. Unfortunately, often having trouble on this section. Qwerty keypad was small because its body was small, too. With hard plastics material, while typing make trouble on push each buttons.

Interface, K-Touch H888 had TFT 65.536 colours (QCIF) screen, 0n, 2.2 inches diagonal wide.
HT Mobile G18 had 262.144 colours with 220x176 pixels, 2 inches TFT screen. It was completed by icon for changing wallpaper, music, picture.


Both of them injected by VGA Camera. HT Mobile G18 digital camera with flashlight and K-Touch H888 had no one. Settings of this feature were low end handphones style commonly. Outdoor photoes were good quality on HT Mobile G18 but disturbed with noise, even indoor. Also had video record facility with standard quality.
Audio Player also injected on these gadgets. K-Touch H888's audio player better than the other with 3.5 mm, compatible with headset of third parties. So, music function via headset make better sound quality.

K-Touch H888 also injected by special loudspeaker in backside. On HT Mobile G18 also injected one but no better than K-Touch. Fortunatelly, it was helped with good quality of headset.

Beside that, FM radio was second entertainment of these gadgets, function for listening broadcasts, radio able to listen without headset injected in.


HT Mobile G18 and K-Touch H888 was injected by GPRS data path and better ability on social networking sites browsing on easy setting on every operator services.
K-Touch H888 prepared amount of Facebook clients, Friendster, MySpace and Twitter, included chatting applications (MSN, Yahoo, Google) until Lite Browser slot. While on HT Mobile G18 only had eBuddy, Facebook client and Opera Mini applications. For data transferring (files, pictures, videos) no problem in it.

Application and Installation

Generally, both of handphoes had same features, from multimedia up to ebook reader. Related of Java technology, had limited compatible applications, also no big capacity on internal memory.
On the other side, for data saving, these had MicroSD external memory.


These gadgets were injected by GSM dual slots which able to activate together. Also set on single, one SIMcard on and other was off. Dual slots of GSM on HT Mobile and K-Touch supported by separated call button on keypad.
HT Mobile prepared battery on 1000-1800 mAh capacity, lower than K-Touch belongs to, which 1100 mAh capacity. So, K-Touch had better long life duration then its rivals.


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