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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NEXIAN NX-G522 vs IMO B369

Competing on Cheapest Online with Qwerty Keyboard

Official price of Nexian G522 was $64.40 USD, then IMO's was $59.03 USD. It was different thin price of both.


Both of this handphones was Qwerty handphones Dual On GSM-GSM with the same dimension. Included supporting with one and two call buttons as Dual GSM device standard.

The same as on materials. Striking difference was on colouring, which IMO choosen dark an so Nexian use yellow and red one. remainder on design and interface were directed on connector completeness.
Nexian G522 was belong to low bolt of memory with combine all of connection functions only one mini USB. But, IMO had little different, connection functions was separated, such as Mini USB connector (small Nokia) and audio connector 2,5 mm (old Nokia standard), it was placed well, covered by rubber materials. On backside of handphones, B369 placed camera plus mirror near speaker, but Nexian G522 no mirror.

Screen, Nexian's had a wider screen than IMO's one. But IMO B369 placed 5 interesting icons as shortcuts on screen desktop, while Nexian G522 only placed 3 shortcut.


IMO B369 and Nexian G522 had the same on complete multimedia features with audio player in the same type.

Ability of headset, IMO B369 had headset which better quality then Nexian G522, in 2,5 mm port for IMO and mini USB port for Nexian.

For video player, had same compatibility on quality, injected with radio FM which 9 broadcasts channels saved automatically. Only, Nexian G22 better than IMO B369 because had recorder radio feature.
Because of those price were low, both of handphones prepared standard feature and ability camera. Nexian G22 prepared camera 640x480 pixels resolution, while IMO B369 prepared 352x288 pixels one.


IMO B369 had bluetooth device than Nexian G522 had no one. With supporting profile on mono audio for phone calls and wireless data transfer.
Standard connectivity of Nexian G522 used mini USB which into one with charger package.
Ha the same on GPRS internet features.

Application and Installation

For additional applications, same on injection applications, such as; calendar, work lists, alarms, world clocks, calculator, currency converter and ebook reader. But, IMO B369 added with stopwatch application.

No Java device of both, but prepared special shortcut for sosial network and chatting.
IMO B369 prepared shortcut to Facebook and Yahoo Messenger, while Nexian G522 prepared alternative shortcut to Friendster, MSN,, and Yahoo Messenger. On alternative entertainment was a default simple game.


IMO B369 used lithium ion 800 mAh batteries, while Nexian G522 used the same type on 1000 mAh one.
For storage media, both of them used MicroSD/T-Flash 2 GB maximum capacity.


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