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Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Samsung SCH-N510 was being injected with Slimo design. The 3rd edition after Frensip and Frensip Slimo, but it was better design than the olders.
Although, this candybar type, it had thicker body then the olders, but lighter than the olders.
With variety colours in white, silver and black editions.

Samsung SCH-N510 had cost $71,80 USD in second condition. Had 10,66cm x 4,43cm x 1,45cm, that meaning, it thicker and wider than Frensip style.
Keypad placed comfortably, even it had soft touch. Slimo keypad was user friendly.


Monochrome screen was packed in it with green backlight no decreased good animation icons that was being screened, which representatived each menu in handphone.
Even, with small resolution, it abled to give two type menus, list and grid icon.


Had polyphonic ringtones same as the olders, with better quality sound than the olders.
Simple wallpapers able being designed in screen.


Only injected with SMS feature, 100 messages save in inbox, draft and outbox folder.


No detail information about memory existence. But, able to save up to 1500 phonebooks and up to 100 saved messages item. Able make sure that clamshell was strong enough to get daily communication.


No internet feature or data bearer PDN in this Samsung SCH-N510. No browser facilities. Although, it abled to connect internet browsing, but as modem on PC suite which connected on data cable at separated selling.


On nircable, this clamshell not supported connect with other devices, but there was data cable option could be used to phonebook synchronization with PC and modem functionalization.
This data cable not prepare on selling package, but got it separated.


Supported with lithium-ion 3.7v 800mAh, with hard processing supported signal condition, even hot effect to handphone when long calling situation. Once charging abled to get life for 2 days.


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