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Saturday, January 9, 2010

SAMSUNG GT-E1160, Gave FM Radio with Strong Loudspeaker Plus Mobile Tracker

SAMSUNG GT-E1160 cost was $ 45,69 USD


Samsung GT-E1160 moved on candybar concepts like entry level handphones generally.
Simple design structures withd curve black cover for easy holdhands. Had impressive colour on red and black on one combination.

Keypad structure mad in rubber materials with anti-dust interface and no hold among each of buttons. Had a big type of buttons and comfortable on typing.
Samsung GT-E1160 presented low and interface with structure and grid mode icons and no animations effects. For submenu, only presented on list icon. Structurally, beginner users friendly and comfortably.


In this sector, GT-E1160 only presented FM Radio choice. Impressively, this feature was completed by internal antenna, so no headset required. Radio wave was easy searching on it.
There was two loudspeakers injected on it at backbody. Also, FM radio was completed by reminder and automatically turn on if we set like alarms.


No data transfer facility on this gadget, so no hope internet browsing or accessing Facebook.

Application and Installation

Samsung GT-E1160 only prepared Memo, Calculator, Converter, Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm and Calendar. But, there was impressively in it, because presented maximum securities features. Actually, Privacy Lock and function for secure Call Log Data, Phonebook, Message and Memo, sure be typed password on it.
Also, there was Mobile Tracker we able to know about new number information if this handphones was gone. Appear on SMS sending to first user and sure be typed password on it.

GT-E1160 also prepared 'SOS Messages' using speed dials metode setting. So, click on certain button and send to another user for re-call. important using on urgent conditions. It also had Torch Light for low light or dark room.


Only had internal memory and no external one supported on. Able to save history calls, 20 dialled calls, 20 received calls and 20 missed calls, included on 1000 phonebook entries. But, Samsung GT-E1160 had strong power supply with lithium-ion battery on 1000 mAh capacity able to be used handphones for 4 days long life on once charging.



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